Where to start??

Well……it began with a computer crash and just kept on rollin’!  :S  After several hours of workin’ on my computer, a friend was able to salvage one harddrive.  Unfortunately, it only lasted about a day and a half and then it all came crashing down again.  I originally had 2 harddrives and with the initial crash, I lost all my fotos I’d taken from the past 7 years or so.  good bye family, friends, etc.  grrr.  :S  The friend highly recommended that I back everything up next time.  Point taken. 

Now, not during this time, but right before, I began motor RV shopping with the intention of moving all of us, eventually, into a motorhome in preperation of things that could possibly come.  Well darnit, I had one found, only to have the owner call me the morning we were sposed to pick it up saying that some unknown damage had just been discovered and he didn’t feel comfortable selling it to me in that condition.  At the time I was relieved thankful to have such and “honest” person at the other end of the sales deal.  However, a couple of weeks later I found the same dang RV listed back on craigslist for $600 more than the price he agreed to sell it to me for!  Grrrr!!!  what gggggreeed!!  So that temporarily has set back that plan. 

Meanwhile, the Mackerels continued to progress for the better.  No more ailments and with recently being altered and healed from their surgeries, they were ready to find homes!  However, because of the loss of all my photos, I had no way to run a photo in the paper with their ads.  So I decided to put it off since I figured the puter would be back up and running soon. (Boy was I wrong)!  A home has been found for lively little Milo tho, and I will be posting new pics of him and his sisters very very soon!!  (Milo will be making the transition this weekend).

Greta, my greyhound, has her good days and bad, and during this time had a few bad days with her arthritis getting the better of her.  I am now having to help her get up almost on a regular basis.  Despite her pain, she reminds bright and alert, and determined to keep on movin’!

With the loss of the RV that I attempted to obtain, the situation of our living quarters continues to become more and more dire.  :S  While I continue to try and find work, a foreclosure date has been set for February 2 of next year.  I had hoped to be able to qualify for a special HUD program, but we didn’t qualify and while there is another program we DO qualify for, the feds haven’t gotten it completely in place yet.  Meanwhile I continue to pound the pavement, now more voraciously, determined to find something to hold us over.  I realize that many other Americans are going thru the same thing, but it’s quite terrifying for the person actually going thru it, at least for me it is, and even tho many others are going thru it, that knowledge doesn’t make it any less devistating, I’m afraid.  We shall persevere tho!!

I  hate to end on a sad note…..and so I won’t!  I”ll save that for the next blog.  I can tell u it starts sad, but ends happy.  I promise!! 🙂

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