Murphy. AKA Lady Marie

Murphy, aka Lady Marie, aka Murphyboo

This post is wayyy overdue.   I have been slow in introducing you to my kitty Murphy and I have no excuse other than sheer neglect!  Yes I know….SHAME ON ME!!!  How could I have denied PK fans the pleasure of Murphy?? 

She is as sweet and dear as she looks.  She moved in with me fall of last year after spending the beginning of her life first at a rescue shelter and then as a therapy kitty at my place of work.  However, from the beginning, even while in her position as therapy kitty, I always knew that Murphy was mine and that if the day ever came where she would be retired, I would be taking her home. 

stunning girl

And so in the fall of 09, the board of directors where I worked, decided that the organization should go back to one therapy cat rather than 3 because the 2 newest, younger ones, Spike and Murphy did their job too well, yeah I know, and were too much for the audience we served, so they were “retired” and home came Miss Murphy with me. 

Once she came home, I tried changing her name, not being a big fan of the tag Murphy, (the name is work related to some dude in the psychology field), and tried several different names I felt were more eligant and suitable, but nothing stuck.  The closest I have come is Lady Marie which is used at times, but when I call her to come, it’s Murphy and that’s the name she knows best.

For a wee kitten who started out in a rescue very ill, she’s an amazingly sweet and affectionate kitty.  She gave all who came thru our doors at work attention and affection and there’s still nothing she likes better than a belly rub!!  lol 

Everyday at work, Murphy was my right hand gal at my desk “helping” all she could with my busy day, even if one of my dogs like to throw her a bit of a “challenge” at getting to my desk-mainly wanting to play with her which she was not at all interested in.  She always arrived for her daily backscratch and to “share” my midmorning snack of yogurt as well.  Her job, as far she was concerned, was cleaning out the yogurt container once I was through with it!  She has continued and expanded this tradition since coming to live with me as well!  (cereal bowls, leftover scraps on selected dinner plates, etc).  Yes I know it’s probably not the best habit to have let her form, but could you look into those big beautiful golden eyes of hers and say no??

The "Lady Marie" in Murphy and my favorite pic of her!

HA!  I seriously doubt so! 

Of all my kitties, Murphy is probably the most affectionate…or I should say the most tolerant of affection that she would rather not receive, such as hugs and kisses! lol  The most you’ll get out of her is a “look”, but nothing else.  24/7/365 she is a lady first and formost, and nothing, literally nothing, ruffles this girl’s feathers.  She takes the most disrespectable antics of the dogs and other kitty residents here at the PK with a grain a salt.  Never will you see her loose her cool.  Even while giving herself a bath she retains her dignity and refinement!

refinement while bathing

(Altho I must say she probably wouldn’t appreciate me using this picture!)lol 

The lady is also quite a contortion artist while sleeping I must say!  It never fails tho, whenever I go to take a pic of her when she’s in one of her amazing positions, she manages to wake up and move before I’m able to click the camera…darnit!  One of these days!!  And it is also well known amongst those of us at PK, just how much the “Lady” likes her catnip as well, but shhhhh!! Don’t tell anyone! lol

catnip attack!!

And so finally, the “Lady Marie” is finally given her due and a post on the Planet Kitty blog.  Mon dieu!!  “Lady Marie”, we love u!  😀

Always a lady


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