Hold Still Kittens! lol

With the limited ability of my tiny little camera, and the energy of the kittens, expecting them to hold perfectly still for an excellent shot is about as impossible as flying to the moon! lol  So I make the best of it with what I CAN get until my fabulous new camera gets here!!!  (OH I am soooo counting the days peeps!) 

The kittens have put on quite a bit of weight, but Mena is still behind her brother and sister in this category.  I don’t see her eating as much of the kitten chow as I’d like to and she’s not nearly as “round” as her 2 siblings, but she seems to be holding her own.  She was the hardest to get to warm up to me, but now is just a doll! 

little Mena

As you can see from the kibble they’ve spilt ALL OVER the floor, they are having alot of fun getting into mischief!!  They managed to find the bag of food and knock it down and spread it everywhere!!  I still am concerned about little Mena tho, and will put in a call to the vet beginning of next weekend if her apetite doesn’t improve.  Her energy has gotten better and she does seem to be eating better, just not the level of where I would like to see it.

Little Milo on the other hand, is more than a handful at this point!!  It amazes me that in the shots I took today, I actually got a pretty good one of him sitting absolutely still for 2.5 seconds!

bathtime for Milo

Ok well maybe not completely still, but as close as I could get for Milo who is in constant motion!!  He is doing very well and is growing like a weed!

Little Millie is your typical quiet middle child.  She doesn’t like to cause any problems and just goes along with whatever is occurring.  Sort of the follow the leader kinda gal, up to a point that is, while the other 2 were taking baths, Millie grabbed the leftover wet food for herself!


Meanwhile Mena also decided it was bathtime while Milo finished up and then playtime ensued for all!!

Bathtime for Mena

Millie at play!

AHhh such is the life of a kitten!   Hold still?  We don’t have time for holding still!! 

scratch? i think so.....

I so can’t wait to get that new camera!!!  Patience patience patience………!!!

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