Ohhhh!! The things we do to our pets!!!  LOL 

My local vet’s office held a costume contest today for the best pooch costume, and after shuffling some  furry critters to and from the vet, I decided at the VERY LAST MINUTE to be creative and participate.  My two victims….errr subjects were to be Kelly Jo and Ave’ because I just figured they were the best suited for such a function.  Now before we get into more detail…my vet appts were at 2:30 and I decided to go for it at about 3:30 en route to home.  I didn’t want to go overboard with cost, and so decided to take advantage of the local dollar store to get my creative juices going. 

I marched into the dollar store with a mission!! (now 4pm)  I had until 6pm to get the costumes chosen, dogs dressed, and over to the event!  I looked at children’s costumes and then at wigs…they had a red wig..hmmmm…..???  (insert lighted bulb here)  noo noo nooo….so i grabbed an angel costume for Kelly Jo and a harem outfit for Ave…but that wig…..hmmm……???  paid for my purchases and off to the car I went!  But the more I thought about that red wig the more i liked the originality of dressing them up as mini mes, so since they had only one red wig I was off the the grocery store-they were all out-and then off to wally world where I found another shorter wig and ALOT more expensive than what was at the dollar store but by now I was so excited about my idea, I was a locomotive on a collision course!!  (enter forshadowing here :S lol)

So I made my purchase of the wig and flew back to the dollar store to grab the other….the line to wait to return the previous costumes was long so I grabbed a few other items, such as glasses, to add to my booty for doggy dress success!!  (yeah right!) 

Well darn if the glasses I didn’t grab were too expensive not enuff cash to cover the purchase!  Ehhh…didn’t really need em did I?  and so I was off with my red wigs, and plans, in hand!

I arrived home and began getting the pups ready for the doggylicious costume debut!!!  Little holes in the wigs to tie them under the chin…wrapping them in green shirts to match what I was wearing…   Darn!!! I really REALLY wanted those darn glasses!  No problemo!!  Would run back by the dollar store with checkbook and grab ’em!!!  My excitment over my doggy look alike reviews was practically palpable!!!

Dogs in the car?  CHECK

Costumes and extras in bag?  CHECK

Check book in purse for glasses?  CHECK

Back again at the dollar store and flying threw the doors to grab those glasses, but WAIT!!  On top of the reading glasses rack is a box of little kids sunglasses where 2 identical matching pink frames were!! BRILLIANT!!    Just had to remove the lenses and it was a done deal!  SMASHING IDEA!!  (not to mention even cheaper than the previously chosen glasses!!)  A WHOLE $2 dollars!!

Now my only remaining challenge was to remove those darn dark lenses so back to the house I went in search of a hammer…pounded out those hard, and I mean HARD, to remove lenses and then off to the contest!!! 

AMAZING!!  I had managed to put 2 costumes together, got the dogs dressed and to the contest site with time to spare!!  Just as I had planned in order to have extra time to suite both pups up with their red wigs and glasses….

SASHAY SASHAY!!!  thru the parking lot I went with my pups in costumes and thru the fence into the building. 

Through the door and there we were!!!  …………..AN HOUR LATE!!!  UGH!!!  Well my vet’s office felt so bad they gave us a complimentary gift, but darnit!!! I was ready to flaunt those pooches!!!  SHUX!!!  And what with the kitties so hard to cooperate when it comes to any dress up!!!  I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..!!!!!  They’re animals afterall!  NOT kids!!! 

So off I shuffled sullenly with my 2 pups in hand back to the car……………….darn!!!   DARN!!!  DARN!!!

Ahhh…but I have a blog where I can share with you!!! At last!! An audience!!!  So here they are!!  Sans matching shirt but with the most IMPORTANT features retained, are my mini mes!!!  🙂  Dressing them went so well, I was even to get Shyler to cooperate!!  Now THAT’S my kinda halloween!!

Mini Me 1 (Ave Maria)

Mini Me 2 (Kelly Jo)

Mini Me 3 (Shyler)


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