Crazy me the cat/dog lady……..

….decided today that I just HAD to go see upclose and personal what that place is like on the inside that i posted here a few weeks ago. You know, that place that I talked about with the potential for a great animal rescue sight.

located on about 10 acres and with the bargain basement price of just $399,000!!! (i'm being sarcastic here) and to think they just lowered the price....again. wonder how long it'll take them to get down a realistic price?

(As i’m writing this, miss bethany keeps jumping up here looking for “things” to take and play with-she’s particularly fond of water bottle caps and the rings that come off the gallons of milk-and she keeps messing up the typing and even managed to turn the monitor off so if there’s major typing errors…it’s her fault!  NOT mine LOL).

miss bethany

Ok back to blogging……….ANYWAYS…lol….so I went and saw the place up much closer and personal.  For that kinda price u would not have expected it to need much in the way of fixing up but it does…need some fixing up.  I talked to my honey (after spending much time debating on what to refer to the new wonderful man in my life, prince charming, white knight, ummm naaaah….husband-head??  nope not even remotely close to a hubby specially since i never intend to get married….i decided to just settle on honey. If you have any much more creative and entertaining names for him, give me a shout-out) who is also on board with the idea of someday having a place that does animal rescue,  thought that $325,000 was much more reasonable, but I thought FREE was what the going price should be-a girl can pretend to be naive can’t she? LOL  It turns out that the place is pretty big with 5 bedrooms-2 of which are nonconforming due to no windows in the basement rooms to escape from if there’s a fire-and 2 bathrooms.  There is also a woodstove AND a fireplace WITH 2 waterfalls downstairs.  Dunno if we would really need the waterfalls but the 2 sources for heat from wood could be a nice option specially since it runs on propane out there.  The house contains a sunroom off the masterbedroom-funny place for it?- and a porch off the front, or back, whichever you prefer to call it.  There’s plenty of storage, but the place definitely needs some work, painting, touching up, replacement of the carpets with something much more pet friendly, and the 2 storage facilities would need  work too, to turn them into something that could be used to house rescue’d animals.  There’s also a 2 car garage that would also need cleaning/work, etc., to get it up to the par with what we’re looking for.  The main yard that is surrounded by the fancy fencing they have out there, also needs work as it’s overgrown with weeds, etc, but it comes with plenty of water, and the majority of the 10 acres is left “wild” and so would have potential down the road as well as to what could be done with it. 

In my mind’s eye I could see the doggies playing outside and the cats lounging in the sunroom ALL the time, well pretty much I’m sure.  They would just LOVE that, and I like the fact that the sunroom is passive solar as well.  Throw in some chickens, a miniature horse-I’ve always wanted one-2 pigmy goats-those too- and the place would be off to a great start!! 

I dunno that the “storage” buildings could be really put to use for anything other than storage, and on the way there I wondered how realistic it would be to see if we couldn’t get a vet to come onsite 2 days a week or so to offer discount services to pet owners in the area.  Being in rural western Colorado, we don’t have big local agencies that can offer to do spays/neuters/vaccinations at really affordable prices like they do in the big cities and that’s something I would really like to have available, but that’s kinda jumping ahead since we don’t even have the place yet, much less the nonprofit status, board formed and all that good stuff!  (Here comes Bethany again with her butt in the way :S lol)  Once my mind gets going tho, I have a hard time stopping it.  It would just be so dang AWESOME to be able to do this though…hmmmmmmmmmmm……..(think think thinking….dream dream dreaming lol….and as I write I hear Star talking to herself somewhere here in the house…kittens!)

star "making love" lol to the camera

Yes my mind wonders and dreams about what could be and the reality of what all kind work would lay before us in order to accomplish this goal.  (Ok well TRIES to wonder with Ashley poking me with a claw wanting to be pet, and Pannda chirping over a bird in the bush outside the window.  Yanno it’s just never really completely “quiet” around here….ever…EVER lol). 

Ashley with her "I own the computer" look

Pannda in the position he takes when "observing" be it bird or something else

And yes my mind has wondered to the forming of the nonprofit for all this…who I would ask to be on the board of directors, etc.  It still is just such a BIG GOAL.  Not impossible.  Just BIG!  Where to start is not exactly apparently defined at this pointand I also really wanted to take my honey with me today to see the place, but he’s stuck at home sick.  I also meant to take my camera with me to take pics of the inside, and got it all readyto go  but forgot it when I left.  :S  OH well.  It IS Sunday, and I DO feel it’s allowed to let one’s mind wonder at least ONCE a week lol.  (The cats may be up, but all 3 doggies are snoring and I wonder how they manage to sleep through all the cat activity, especially all the noises coming from the front bedroom where they a few are currently playing and sounding like a herd of cattle tromping through the room!)

Greta my 40 mph couch potato

Ave, short for Ave Maria the song, who's favorite hobby is herding cats

Shyler, who's name is of "scottish descent"-ok my friend in scotland named her lol, and who is all the way down the hall but i can hear snoaring all the way out here!

And so I am left pondering.  Pondering with all sorts of thoughts swirling through my head and wondering just how realistic this pipe dream is and wondering just exactly where the money would come from to make this happen, and wondering how long it would take to file and get our 501 (c) 3 status alone, and ALSO wondering who could and would want to ask to be on the board of the directors for this place…and then going back to the big price tag again.  Darnit!  Wish I could get my honey to get busy with pondering about all of this too, but he’s sick and when men are sick they tend to only have one thing on their mind: the fact that their sick. 

FLLLYYYYYY…..CRASH goes a kitty or 2, or 3…at play!!

Bethany, Star and Glory busy with one of their favorite hobbies: chasing bugs on the window screen

And so the dogs sleep, and the kitties play, and I ponder.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm……………………….