Animal Testing and Pet Food (or a HUGE pet peeve of mine!)

It is a well known fact that many companies out there do animal testing of their petfood products in lab settings on other animals and that the lab environment they are kept in encompasses a wide range of cruelty to say the least.  And yet, there are still so many pet owners out there who are DETERMINED to stay ignorant despite the well known fact that pet food companies like IAMS do terrible things in their animal testing labs, all in the name of “better health” for our pets at home. 

The choice to “remain in the dark” made by so many pet owners, is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  The hypocrisy of owning little fifi and wanting the absolute best for them, but refusing to do your research and investigate as to just exactly what’s going on out there, I find highly repugnant.  Especially in this day and age when so many reliable resources are out there to keep us informed of matters concerning our pets. 

I give as an example the issues that have come to the forfront concerning pesticides, such as Hartz, and the damaging effects they have had on a number of cats and dogs.  Turning your back on the latest information out there and continuing to use these products condones animal cruelty in my opinion; something that should be punishable and maybe will be some day down the road. 

The same goes with purchasing puppies and kittens from pet stores.  DO YOU’RE RESEARCH PEOPLE!!  Chances are if you truly do want a purebred, you can find a reputable online rescue group that can set you up with a purebred cat or dog in dire need of a good home! 

The number of cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies that are being euthanized in today’s shelters is absolutely out of control and tremendously heartbreaking.  Alot of those pets come from pet stores where they were purchased only for the people to get fed up with the behavior or health problems that are discovered later due to the fact that their new family member came from a “mill”. 

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility.  It’s not just about doing whatever is best for your pet, but is also  about being responsible enough to be informed so that the choices we make individually as pet owners, on a daily basis,  contributes to the betterment of pets everywhere; a better world for all pets both present and future.

So if you have not become educated, perhaps it’s time to put Fifi down and take a look at the wide variety of information that’s out there:  RELIABLE, well documented information.  I am more than happy to provide some links and information that does just that, here:  (if you have the nerve to feed your pets iams products, then you should have the nerve to watch what goes on in their labs and is a well documented fact)

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