Just wanted to post some quick pics of my kitty Murphy.  She was previously a therapy kitty at where I used to work before it closed down, and it such a joy to have with me now.  Ohhh so pretty as well and such an affection kitty!

united in one common cause: food!

this is the only time so many of my kittys get along at once:  when I have food and they want it!  (pardon the messy desk)  It didn’t take long for Murphy to feel at home here with the rest of the bunch!  She will “talk” to you as well.  not meowing but in that trilling voice they can have that’s half noise half purr.  she’s so cute!  =)

isn’t she adorable?   and that’s my short and quick post for tonight!  time to go clean the litterboxes! (our work is never done…sigh)

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