Introducing Shamus Sherlock O’Malley…

 …or Shay Shey as those who know him call him.  He’s also known as Mr. Personality…errr Multipersonality, that is.  Shay Shey was delivered by my two sisters by way of my niece Raquel who tried to take him in, but wasn’t having any success with her cat Isis in accepting him into their home, so he was “shipped” to me.  It turns out, and be forwarned this could make you boiling mad, that my niece’s former boss had purchased Shay Shey from a backyard breeder who claimed he was purebred Main Coon Cat.  (Of which couldn’t be farther from the truth as far as his breeding is concerned).  “Not happy” with his personality, my niece’s former boss was going to stick him in a dumbster and leave him to fend for himself.  My niece got wind of it, and took him instead.  She called me for help, and I told her she just had to get him to me. 

As it turned out, my sisters were in town and were snagged into to the task of bringing him to me, which was quite a challenge because Mr. Personality was one tempermental little kitten at the time.  (My one sister called him ADHD kitty).  Maybe he got wind of his previous owner’s dumpster idea, who knows?  I mighta been a little tempermental if I had found out someone wanted to put me there as a kid.  Needless to say, the little bugger-who was pretty little even for 10-12 weeks-had “issues”.  When he wasn’t “playing” too hard with my other kitties, he was bouncing off my head in the middle night for no apparent reason other than he liked too.  I spent a time there, covered in scratches because he apparently thought I was a tree to climb also. 

(he may look all sweet and innocent here, but don’t let him kid u!)

At the time, I was also fostering some other kittens that I had taken in, and 2 were left who were sisters, Jessa and Lily.  There was nothing Sherlock loved better than tormenting “the girls”. 

(uhh yeah that would be sherlock’s arm around jessa’s neck tormenting her)

(and that same sweet little kitten biting my finger)

And the MOST ironic of the whole situation, is that once he was done tormenting them, he would cuddle up to them, and to their chagrin, amazement, irritation, mortification, etc.,,like nothing was wrong whatsoever. 

to say he drove them crazy, was putting it mildly. 

   Today Shay Shey is an older, 5 years, kitty.  Altho he’s alot mellower, he definitely has several distinct personalities.  There’s the loving one who jumps on u as soon as you come in the door, or if he’s snuck out will jump on you like he hasn’t seen you for a year when he gets back in-usually followed with him sticking his fuzzy butt in your face and why he does this i have no idea.  Then there’s the Mr. Hothead who’s coming out can never be predicted, and the Mr. Mischief who you can count on coming out, if you have a drink of some kind anywhere, with a straw in it.  No matter where it is, if there’s a straw, he’ll find it. 

And then there’s just plain Mr. Weird, where you look at Shay Shey and ask “what on god’s earth are u doing?” 

I have seen the little man become and instant pogo stick in the simple pursuit of a bug.  Yes, a pogo stick!  And I’ve also seen him do this in attempts to catch a toy, but when u walk into a room and you cat is continuously bouncing into the air for no reason, you have a tendency to wonder, “is he all there?” lol 

And then there’s Mr. Amazing who can “leap to great heights in a single bound” without knocking something over…usually.  I’ve had him even manage to get on top of my high kitchen cubbarbs and then leap from them down to the floor because that was the only way he could get down. 

Initially my intentions were to find him another permanent home than mine.  But I worried about finding someone who could again accept his tempermental ways.  My vet even offered to help with rehoming, but it soon became evident that he was going to be permanent, especially when my friend Mary asked “do you think he’s a good fit (with the others)?”  To which I replied yes!

(Now older, mellower, and occassionally the one to get picked on by other younger kitties yet still full of high entertainment value!)


Just wanted to post some quick pics of my kitty Murphy.  She was previously a therapy kitty at where I used to work before it closed down, and it such a joy to have with me now.  Ohhh so pretty as well and such an affection kitty!

united in one common cause: food!

this is the only time so many of my kittys get along at once:  when I have food and they want it!  (pardon the messy desk)  It didn’t take long for Murphy to feel at home here with the rest of the bunch!  She will “talk” to you as well.  not meowing but in that trilling voice they can have that’s half noise half purr.  she’s so cute!  =)

isn’t she adorable?   and that’s my short and quick post for tonight!  time to go clean the litterboxes! (our work is never done…sigh)


what do u do when u can’t find the software u need to get the work done you’re sposed to do?  Well in my case you blog I guess. It’s either that or packing and I determined to procrastinate as long as possible on that!

I have design suite software that I need to find and put on my computer to do some work for the boss and for the longest time it was there right in front of me and sat there for forever and do u think I could find it now??  No!  I have absolutely no idea where it could have gotten to, so I sit here lost…dazed, confused and frustrated, and of course my kitty Ashley takes advantage of this time to pounce  and bug me for some attention.  “Sweet” Ashley has her very own special of way for getting her attention.  She extends her paw out to your clothes and hooks a claw in, pulls back with your clothing attached and then uses her teeth to “dehook” the article of clothing you’re wearing.  As you can imagine, these leads to alot of snags.  I’ve tried to deter it by turning it into a handshake but since she’s now going on 12 years old, I haven’t had very much success with this. 

Ashley is a diva.  She wants what she wants when she wants it, and doesn’t take no for answer.  She was trying her best to make this entry a challenge to write, but has since settled for sitting next to the KB while I type with her tail over my hand.  Patience….a virtue for her?  I doubt it.  She got a good rub in before finally settling and making it nearly impossible for me to type.  She is quite intelligent tho.  This cat fetches, and can sing to her own special little song.  Granted, we haven’t done the “singing” in quite some time.  She believes that my main job is life, is to pet her and give her attention and can get quite feisty when she doesn’t get her way.  This usually resorts to her biting, altho not very hard, to get your attention to pet her when all else fails.  She will also shove her head into your hands when you’re trying to type and sashay to and fro in front of the keyboard, monitor, anything else, that you’re trying to accomplish to get u to pet her as well.

Hand addict is what my sister calls cats like this.  Ashley would like nothing better than a person to be hired full time to pet her night and day and day and night.  Ahhh…such is life Ashley!  Always wanting what we can’t have!

It’s time to start…

And so we begin.  I am the owner of Planet Kitty…the blog that is.  The pets pretty much own everything else! lol  I live in Western Colorado and am trying to relocate further west, but still remain in Colorado.  This was all brought about by a job, which actually is something to be thankful about but still requires of me to eventually relocate, animals in tow.  It’s all very complex ya see, because I was unemployed and dealing with the possibility of loosing the home, and so began selecting the animals I felt would do best to be rehomed, and those that I would try to keep.  It’s been a slow, agonizing and painful process.  Fortunately, I’ve found all good homes for those I’ve had to adopt out so far. 

So why am i downsizing my pets?  Well even tho I have a new job and my income has changed for the better, I still don’t know yet if I’ll b able to hang on to the house in order to sell it and get my equity out of it, or even if I am able to sell, if I’ll b able to get another place, and might end up having to move into a motorhome for a year.  (I’m looking at 31 and 32 footers presently).   I had to determine the cats and dogs that would do best in this direst (sp?) of situations and then proceed with the plan of rehoming the others.  It was a very very tuff decision but one that I felt was best for everyone involved. 

As I’ve stated, the ones that I have rehomed so far, have all found very good home snad being in animal rescue for so long, I know what steps to take as far as references, etc., to make sure they are in the best hands for their future possible. 

I have found just about everyone a great home, except for 3 cats.  I have found the best success with the local paper and altho they are free, I require discussions with their present vets and also references, especially if they are renters. 

Of the 3 left, two of the kitties are special needs and one is healthy with nothing but some slimming down needed.  These 3 kitties are either black and white, or all black and so are the most passed over kitties to be adopted.  If any of you are located in Colorado and are interested, please leave me a message and I’ll contact u back!  I will also post pics as well. 

You might have noticed that the blog’s name is Planet Kitty, but that I have both dogs and cats and blog about them both.  This is because the number of kitties outweighs the number of dogs, and also because that was the best name I came up with!  At times, it also feels like the cats are in control and me and the pooches are just along for the ride.  Altho, if we do all move into a motorhome, I will DEFINITELY be doing the driving and not any of the kits.  LOL

As far as the blog is concerned, I will try and write as often as possible.  What with being a single gal in charge of 3 dogs and 8 kitties, working-and having a long commute part of the time-and packing and getting my living situation ready for just about anything, I am very busy to say the least.  I work tuesdays thru saturdays with sundays and mondays off, and when sunday gets around, i have a tendency to just collapse and breath for the day lol.  Of course usually someone will jump on me neccessitating having to get up and : letting someone out, someone in, refilling food bowls, waterbowls, or just plain petting someone…so somtimes it’s not much of a day off, but fortunately i don’t mind as it’s all about my family first!  =)  (and yes I do consider them my family, albeit a furry one)

Speaking of fur, it seems to be a “matter” that is at the forfront of my life, whether it be cat or dog hair, on my clothes, in my car, floating in the air, a fine coat on the covers on my bed, regardless of where or when, it’s a very difficult thing to declare war on and WIN.  Any suggestions are HIGHLY appreciated! lol  It never fails; I arrive at work with it on me, get home and can find it on me even before hitting the door, can pull something out of the dryer and yes it’s there, neatly packed into a nice little compact ball ready for me to pluck! and even will make its presence known on my keyboard of all things!  Course it doesn’t help that a cat or 2 feels the need to “pass thru” either while I’m on the keyboard or even when I’m not even here.  Often they like to trip up my typing as well, and my dogs are famous for “accidently” turning off my computer as well when I’m right in the middle of something.  Talk about frustrating! lol

Last but not least, this blog is still a work in progress as far as getting pics up, lists, etc.  I picked wordpress because of the highly visual and pleasing presentations of other blogs that I read here, but didn’t realize that learning how to create the blog would be such a challenge.  However, I refuse to give up!

Ok I’m closing here, thanks to a kitty bouncing off my head and something being knocked over…ugh.  I hate packing!!